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José is a Brazilian guitarist born in 1979, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a self-taught musician, he began playing in his home town Goiania, where his talent was soon apparent.


The desire to develop his style through various musical influences led him to travel extensively throughout the United States, Argentina, The Netherlands, and France.


These journeys would broaden his musical horizons and expand his collaborations with numerous musicians. In 1999, Josè and guitarist Ricardo Mello formed a duo called Doubà, and moved to the United States to seek out new and diverse musical experiences. They released two albums: Soundflower in 2001, and Latitude in 2003.

Josè released his first solo album “Violao e Cordas” (guitar and strings) in 2005. Accompanied by Kailin Young on violin, Evan Orman on cello and by the Denver String Ensemble, he recorded works by Villa-Lobos, Radamés Gnattali e Astor Piazzolla.


In 2006 he moved to Paris to study at the Ecole Normale de Musique with the renowned guitarist Alberto Ponce. In 2008 he received his diploma as concert performer and continued his development with the artist Tania Chagnot at the Haÿ-les-Roses conservatory.

José has performed alongside renowned musicians such as Yamandu Costa, Paulo Bellinatti, Gabriel Grossi, Eduardo Neves, Rogerio Caetano, Nicolas Krassik, Daniel Murray, Desiree Rushtrat, Evan Orman, Ze Luis Nascimento among others; and has collaborated with composers such as Sergio Assad and Marco Pereira having recorded many of their compositions and creations.


Currently he shares his enthusiasm and passion for Brazilian music with Parisian audiences, frequently performing solo and as accompanist with several groups, including Duo In Uno, Trio In Uno, Travessias, and Bécots da Lappa.

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